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Simon Goldberger is a Milton Keynes based portraiture, fine art and performance photographer.

With work drawn from his passions, he strives to describe a wide range of inspirations, the unique; the iconic; the strange and bizarre.

We are proud to offer a range of prints for sale which you can find in the Periphery galleries and we are always on the lookout for new projects and people to work with.

While Simon wasn’t quite born with a camera in his hands, with a photography shop manager for a father, it wasn’t far off. At seven he received his first SLR; an already aged Mamiya TL and began a life long passion for capturing moments that won’t ever "..come back again".

In the late 80’s; having almost studied cinematography at university Simon dropped out of polite society and started working with alternative music bands in North London and Oxford. His passion for live music and live performance took root becoming one of the most important inspirations in Simon’s life and one of his strongest ongoing themes. Not just as a means of recording artists at their very best but attempting to catch the atmosphere of their live performances. During the last few years he has worked hard to improve his performance photography, working with rock bands, performers and burlesque artists across London and The Midlands.

The travel bug didn’t bite Simon until the end of his 20’s but when it bit, it bit hard. Since then he has been lucky enough to not just visit but be made to feel at home in towns and cities across the planet. From watching at first hand while Krakow blossomed from Soviet state to European nation, via exploring the tombs of the Terracotta Warriors in Xian to walking the boardwalk at the Southern tip of Africa. The amazing and unique locations he visited changing his perspective on the world and colouring his photographic outlook.

But the place that has had greatest impact and provided most inspiration is his spiritual second home; New Orleans, where he has had exclusive access to photograph phenomenal people and places, normally kept behind closed doors.

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